The Top 5 Lessons We Learned in our First Month of Starting KUFFIX!

Wow! We can't believe it has already been a month since we launched KUFFIX! It has been such a fun and amazing experience so far. We feel so thankful and blessed that our family and friends have supported us on this journey. We have already learned so much and we are excited to keep growing our business. We also feel extremely lucky to have each other to help with this process. We constantly use each other to bounce off ideas and cross things off our LONG lists of to-dos. Both of us say, we don't know how anyone could do this alone! Our KUFFS go out to you, if you do!

That being said, we thought for our first blog post we'd create a list of the top 5 things we have learned in the first month of running our online business KUFFIX! Hopefully other new online business owners can gain some insight from what we have learned.

1. If you are going to offer a size on a product, you better have it in stock. After the first day of the launch we had at least 10 orders that we could not fulfill. Why? Well, we adjusted the sizes with our sewer about a week before and so everything was adjusted down, meaning we didn't make any KUFFS in the larger sizes. It meant a lot more work for us because we had to send out back order letters and scramble to get our sewer to make the larger sizes. Fortunately, it was all our friends and family so they understood. It took about 2 weeks for them to get their orders and we were so relieved when they finally got sent out. Now we check the box in Shopify that customers can't order unless the size is in stock. Lesson learned.

2. Just because you are online does not mean people will find your business. We kind of already knew this one because we read a lot about SEO before the launch. I think we just had high hopes that somehow people would find us and buy from us. Not the case! You need to be constantly working at finding customers through social media, email campaigns, and directly talking to people about your product. We knew this would be the case so we are working hard on it every day.

3. Not all your family and friends will buy from you and this is okay. We know our product may not appeal to everybody. It is something new and funky and many people don't like new and funky. The best feedback we have received from our product is from girls of all age. All the girls that we have shown LOVE our KUFFS. The problem is that kids can't buy online. We have shifted our approach to doing some craft fairs to get our name out there. We know once we show them our product, they can't resist. Your family are friends are just the starting point and if they don't buy, don't take it personal. 

4. We are learning more than we ever wanted about ankle sizes. Every time we think we have it figured out correlating age and height between ankle size, we get one that stumps us. Sometimes taller girls have small ankles and shorter girls have large ankles. You just never know that is why it is always good to measure first. We even had a family relative that had two different size ankles. Huh? It boggles our mind but someday we'll be able to do a study with all our data!

5. The feeling of accomplishment and joy of starting your own business is greater than any other. Knowing what we do now about all the work it entails to start your own business, would we do it again? Absolutely! The feeling that something is entirely your own and what you make it is incredibly liberating from the traditional 9 to 5 job. Our success relies entirely on how hard we are willing to work at it. We just need to reach out and grab it!