Our Story


Welcome to our site!! We are so glad you are here! We are Mary Elofson and Brita Lum, mother and daughter founders of KUFFIX.

In 2010, Mary approached Brita about an idea she had to start a fashion KUFF business. Mary had always loved interesting and unique socks. She thought "why not bring those fun designs into an ankle KUFF?" Brita loved the idea! Our initial goals were to inspire women to start women-owned businesses, make our products locally in the USA, and give back to different charities every month. We also wanted to start a new and unique fashion trend for children, teens and women to accessorize every outfit. In April 2015, we achieved our goals by launching our new brand KUFFIX. We hope you like them and you check back often to see what new designs we have in store. We are always open to suggestions on what you would like to see! Email us at sales@kuffix.com. 

Thank you for supporting us on this amazing journey! POWER TO THE KUFF!

Best wishes,

Mary and Brita